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Mocca d'Afrique

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Africa is the birthplace of coffee. The flavour promise is warm, sweet and fruity. The combination with Brazilian Santos coffee makes the Mocca d'Afrique perfect.

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Smaakomschrijving Subtly sweet and liquorice-like with delicate fruity accents.
Herkomst Brazilië, Burundi
Zetadvies Mocca d'Afrique is a coffee with fruity notes. These are best enjoyed when they are allowed to slowly release from the coffee powder: filter coffee. The Mocca d'Afrique is also a rich experience as a cafè lungo from a (fully automatic) espresso machine.
Branddatum The coffee is at its tastiest from 3 days after the roasting date. Flavours are volatile; store coffee dry and airtight when you return home.


Mocca d'Afrique suggests sweet flavor notes. And this washed bourbon coffee certainly has those. East Africa is the birthplace of coffee. The original coffee varieties grown there for generations are cherished as a family secret and as a unique cultural asset for the region. The delicate fruity flavours and sweet mocha experience give African coffee a special place in the world. So in 2019, the baristas of Coffeelovers, in consultation with the roasters of Blanche Dael, have decided to include the Mocca d'Afrique as a regular coffee on the cafè lungo grinder. And not without reason.

In 2000, Blanche Dael founded the sister company Coffeelovers. Coffeelovers is an espresso bar with nine branches in the southern part of the Netherlands. A modern place to enjoy your day with traditional values such as quality and hospitality. Anyone who loves quality coffee has come to the right place at Coffeelovers. Blanche Dael is involved in the entire coffee chain as a passionate coffee roaster: from the strict selection of green coffee beans to the latte art in the cappuccino at sister company Coffeelovers.

Two fanatical sparring partners with the perfect cup of coffee as their tasty result.

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