Ana Teresa Mendizábal Santos is one of the first four students to receive a scholarship from Blanche Dael. This scholarship gave Ana the opportunity to obtain her diploma from the Las Flores Coffee School in Guatemala, which she accomplished with conviction. In December 2019, she received her diploma, which significantly increased her job prospects and led her to where she is today, four years after receiving the scholarship.

During the coffee season, Ana works on her grandparents' coffee plantation, and during the other season, she works for a company that produces and exports clothing to the United States.

Ana was about to drop out of school due to her financial situation, and her future was uncertain without a change. Fortunately, the scholarship from Blanche Dael brought about that change. Blanche Dael funded her studies and ensured that she didn't have to drop out of school but could grow.


This opportunity meant a great deal to her. It gave her the chance to obtain a diploma from the Las Flores School and then move on to the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala and find a good job, which was a long-held dream for Ana.

Currently, Ana is busy studying and working on her grandparents' coffee farm. However, this is a seasonal business, so Ana only works here between December and March. She supports her family and spends three days a week on the farm. During the coffee season, she applies all the knowledge from school to the plantation. This helps improve the harvest, which has already led to a 500% increase in production!

During the other season, Ana works full-time for a clothing company that exports to the United States. With the money she earns, she can also finance her studies. Ana is studying Environmental Engineering and English at the university. Besides working, she spends her free time with friends and enjoys motorcycling.

Currently, Ana is doing fantastic. She has learned a lot during her studies and has been able to apply this knowledge to the family business. We are curious about how Ana will continue to develop and will definitely keep following her progress!