On the 17th of April 2023, during Blanche Dael's 145th anniversary, the new logo of the Escuela Blanche Dael Foundation was unveiled by its chairwoman, Mireille Fitters, in a festive ceremony.

'The new logo was designed in collaboration with our design agency as part of an internship project,' said the chairwoman of the Escuela Blanche Dael Foundation, Mireille Fitters. Together, they searched for typical expressions of culture in South and Central America. The unique masks and exuberant street art caught their attention. Combined with the letters of our foundation, this resulted in a very contemporary but certainly recognizable logo. We have visited our school in Guatemala several times and have seen with our own eyes how important education is for the future prospects of these children. The logo, as a new expression for the foundation, completes the story and provides a recognizable visual appearance, in my opinion.'